Karen McGoldrick is a USDF-certified instructor and USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist. She graduated from the USDF "L" Program with distinction and is the trainer and owner of Prospect Hill Farm.

Karen's Philosophy:
The practice of dressage training influences all aspects of my life. Here is a summary of what I practice and try to share with my students.

To do what I say I will do. To give excellent value and care. To give honest evaluations of myself, my horses, and my students.

Love of the horse
To progressively develop each horse into a strong, healthy animal, correctly handled, ridden, and conditioned. To create a partnership grounded on an understanding of the true nature of horses, and the classical scale of training.

Goal setting
Goal setting gives form and motivation to the practice of dressage. Whether it is showing, going to clinics, or staying home and concentrating on moving up a level, I encourage my students to compete for year-end awards, earn their USDF medals, and advance though the levels. I also strongly believe in supporting the many wonderful educational programs offered locally through our USDF group member organizations.

Enjoying the process
When we train horses, each day is a step forward in creating something beautiful. I try to foster an environment where my students can enjoy the small improvements. We “make haste slowly”(Anders Lindgren), by working very hard, but with no rush to get it done today. The barn atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, while at the same time orderly, organized, and clean.

Personal growth
“A sizeable portion of the riding task is coming to grips with oneself.” (Erik Herbermann) To be successful takes an immense dose of patience, an inner calmness, discipline, and determination. Frustration is the greatest impediment and always arrives when we run out of skill, technique, and knowledge. It is also inevitable. Addressing weaknesses and limitations without judgment creates better riders, trainers, and all around nicer human beings!

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