Under the guidance of Sue Malone-Casey, Karen trained her first dressage horse, Bodacious. He was not a likely candidate for dressage. Karen had purchased Bodacious from the local want-ads as her next Hunter or Combined-training horse. He was purchased for 900 dollars from a cowboy as a two- year old. He was a registered Quarter horse, but a leggier, more modern type with a nice canter. That nice canter made certain things fairly easy for him. However, his trot was flat. Improving his natural gaits was a challenge and Karen had a lot to learn along the way. He had a fantastic temperament, and when things went wrong, he was incredibly forgiving.

Karen earned many GDCTA year- end awards, USDF all- breed awards, and her USDF Bronze medal on Bodacious. He learned a bit of piaffe, passage, and one-tempi changes. While Bodacious never had the gaits to be really competitive as an FEI horse, he taught Karen that dressage training is good for every horse. Bodacious learned to “bounce”, and he developed a beautiful physique and a proud and happy carriage. He was sold at 17 to a student who enjoyed him and learned from him until his death at 23 from colic.

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