It would take a book to detail the many adventures and successes that Karen had with Mandamus. It was a partnership that lasted 15 years! From getting acquainted just minutes after his birth to competing Grand Prix was an education for Karen that cannot be acquired anywhere but through the school of hard knocks! “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread,” and Karen rushed to buy the newborn foal from her favorite mare, Caribic. From there the rocky road began.

Mandamus (who at 18 is still competing in the Advanced Young Rider division), had super gaits. He was full of presence and “character”. He did love to spook, rear, spin, and take off bucking. At the same time he could be lazy. He was a very quick learner, both for the good, and for taking advantage of his rider. He learned his changes in one lesson. He picked up his one-tempis easily. He loved to passage, and lateral work was no problem. Even canter pirouettes were pretty quickly learned. Getting past the judge’s box was not so easy. Riding from the stall to the arena was on pins and needles. If someone sneezed he might decide that was an excuse to leave!

When things went well, he was a blast to ride, easy to sit, light in the hand. Not many horses make it to Grand Prix, and Karen is grateful to have had the experience, as trying as it sometimes was.

He won many year- end awards over the years, winning a Regional Championship, and placing Reserve more than once. He taught Karen many valuable life lessons, including the lessons of perseverance, humility, and grace under fire!

Accomplishment Highlights

  • USDF Performance Certificate - Grand Prix
  • 1st Place at Grand Prix (2002) - American Holsteiner Horse Association
  • Karen earned her USDF Silver and Gold Medals with Mandamus
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